Nylon Rope

Our 1/4" (6mm) nylon rope has been custom braided for deGiotto Rope. It is a single braid with no core. It is soft, supple and smooth to the touch.

These ropes will not bleed color even if immersed in water for long periods of time. The fibers have been "dope dyed". That is, the dye was added to the nylon before the fibers were extruded. It doesn't get more color fast than that.

The ends of the rope are finished with SoftTouch ends. A flexible coating is used to seal the ends. They are soft and smooth. No scratchy melted ends or bulky knots.

We have been hesitant to add nylon to our product line for many years. We just couldn't find nylon rope that met our high quality standards. The solution, go directly to the manufacturer, buy enough feet of rope that they would change their usual process to meet our needs. We think you will love the results.

Since we deal directly with the manufacturer, we are able to offer this high quality rope at a price far less than other nylon bondage rope dealers.

We only offer a few colors right now. Please let us know what other colors you would be interested in.