Spooled Natural & Dyed Jute Rope 300+ feet Raw

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All our spooled jute rope is 6 mm and laid by hand. This is a 300+ foot spool of deGiotto Jute Rope. It is fresh off the winder so you can finish it how you like.

Dyed jute ropes are wound with our standard loose lay.

Jute is the rope for Japanese inspired kinbaku or shibari. It photographs like spun gold and moves like lightning.
You save us the work of conditioning and packaging. We save you some money. Sound fair?

We are very proud of the rope we are producing with our new process. It is our best rope ever.

These ropes come in a coil bound with a zip tie, as seen in the photo.

Our natural jute is available with a choice of three tightnesses.

*Medium was our standard before May of 2019. This firm lay has lots of body, holds it shape, stays in balance better than looser lays and is more durable.

Loose is our new standard. We recommend this tightness. This loose (long) lay flattens more on the skin, is very flexible and compresses knots and frictions very well.

Very loose has the same properties as loose even more so. Its short break in time will soon have it feeling like that favorite rope in your bag that you always reach for first. It is reminiscent of the "traditional" shibari ropes of Japan. Caution, the looseness of the lay lends itself to high stranding unless care is taken. We recommend this rope only for more experienced and skilled riggers.

The tightness option is currently available only on spools of natural jute.

Unlike some rope on the market, the individual yarns are died before the rope is made. The color goes all the way through to the core of the rope. We call it "color to the bone".

Green jute has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Rall
deGiotto Jute is the Best in the Business

I have now purchased nearly a thousand feet of ready-to-use jute from deGiotto and I will continue to buy more in the future. Their treated rope ties great and the colors are bright and vibrant. Shipping is also very quick, often taking just a few days to ship to Michigan.

Rose Kirby

Spooled Natural Jute Shibari Rope 300+ feet Ready to use

Michael Corrado
Great rope. 300’ option was great.

The rope quality is excellent, soft and easy to work with. I really appreciated the 300 foot length as I was able to cut varying lengths.

Love them

Very reliable, stocks are always consistent

Mitch Holyfield

Build Your Own Jute Kit

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