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Full Size Safety Shears

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Introducing our Full-Size Safety Shears, the indispensable tool for every Shibari enthusiast. These high-grade EMT shears feature black blades and come with handles in black, orange, green, or gray.

In the world of Shibari, safety should always be the top priority. Our Full-Size Safety Shears are a must-have addition to your Shibari bag, ensuring you are prepared to handle any unforeseen circumstances. Never hesitate to use these shears to cut a rope if it becomes necessary to protect the well-being of your partner.

At deGiotto Rope, we are committed to promoting safety and protection in Shibari practices. That's why we offer a guarantee: if you ever need to cut a rope purchased from us for safety reasons, we will replace it. Our goal is to encourage the responsible handling of rope models and partners, fostering a community that prioritizes safety above all else.

When you choose deGiotto rope, you not only receive high-quality products but also our unwavering commitment to your safety and satisfaction. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in your Shibari journey, and we stand by our promise to support you in creating a safe and secure environment for both you and your partner.

Equip yourself with our Full-Size Safety Shears, and rest assured that deGiotto Rope has your back. Our shears, combined with our replacement guarantee, demonstrate our dedication to promoting the utmost protection and well-being in Shibari practices.

Choose deGiotto for your rope needs, knowing that we prioritize safety and hold ourselves accountable for the satisfaction of our valued customers. Prepare yourself for a Shibari experience that embraces safety, trust, and responsible rope handling.

Order your Full-Size Safety Shears today and experience the commitment to safety and satisfaction that sets deGiotto apart. Join our community of Shibari enthusiasts who prioritize protection and partner well-being. Together, let's create an environment where safety is paramount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kristina L.
So durable!

This swivel lasts forever and never gets caught.

Michelle E.

Solid Shibari Ring 8"

Amir B.

They work well

Sir H.
Very nice swivel

The fit, finish, glass-smooth bearings are exceptional. The weight rating (36kN, 5kN max working) is well within normal use. However, not being versed in the "Newton" rating, I had to find a conversion to be able to relate to the actual working range. Maybe provide the old English ratings? With the right fittings and shackles, this swivel could be useful in the shop as well as in the dungeon. It has also provided several hours of entertainment as a fidget-spinner during long conference calls. Getchaone!

Killsey V.H.

Very solid, usable safety shears. I always make sure to order a new pair with every spool of rope from DeGiotto. Highly recommend you always have a pair on hand while tying!

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