48" nylon sling black

48" Nylon Sling Black

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Sterling sewn slings are made with the highest quality webbing and computerized precision bar tacking, making these slings exceptionally strong and lightweight.

These slings are perfect for hanging an anchor point!

Rated for a breaking strength of 23kN (~5170 lbs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michelle Englis

Solid Shibari Ring 8"

Amir Badawi

They work well

Sir Henri
Very nice swivel

The fit, finish, glass-smooth bearings are exceptional. The weight rating (36kN, 5kN max working) is well within normal use. However, not being versed in the "Newton" rating, I had to find a conversion to be able to relate to the actual working range. Maybe provide the old English ratings? With the right fittings and shackles, this swivel could be useful in the shop as well as in the dungeon. It has also provided several hours of entertainment as a fidget-spinner during long conference calls. Getchaone!

Killsey Van HellSin

Very solid, usable safety shears. I always make sure to order a new pair with every spool of rope from DeGiotto. Highly recommend you always have a pair on hand while tying!

Priscilla Garcia
Excellent product

Really efficient and sturdy, would buy and use again! This product satisfied me greatly, definitely recommending to all of my friends, current and future!

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