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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons by Giotto available.

In the Houston area or via Skype, Giotto can give you the focused attention that will quickly improve the Shibari experience for couples.

Private lessons are the best way to learn Shibari. Instruction is tailored to the students' preferred learning methods, skill level and goals. Perfect for the beginner or the advanced couple.

Fundamentals, decorative ties, bedroom play, connective Shibari, suspension bondage, photography, Shibari performance, whatever your interest, private training is the most effective method of instruction.

Prices vary depending on how many hours are booked and if they are ongoing.

Contact us at for scheduling and more information.

New: You can now add one or two more couples to your lessons for $15 per 2 hour session per couple. Save money and share your experience.


Discover the Art of Shibari: Why Couples Should Attend a Shibari Class

If you're seeking to enhance your connection with your partner, explore new realms of intimacy, and embrace a unique form of artistic expression, attending a Shibari class may be just the experience you've been searching for. Shibari, the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage, offers a multitude of benefits for couples looking to deepen their bond and embark on a captivating journey together. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider attending a Shibari class as a couple:

1. Strengthen Trust and Communication: Shibari is built on a foundation of trust and communication. Through the process of tying and being tied, couples learn to rely on one another's judgment, creating a deep sense of trust and vulnerability. The practice encourages open communication, as partners discuss boundaries, desires, and expectations, fostering a stronger connection both inside and outside the bedroom.

2. Explore Sensuality and Intimacy: Shibari transcends the physical act of bondage and enters the realm of sensuality and intimacy. The careful and deliberate tying of intricate patterns can ignite passion, heighten senses, and awaken dormant desires. As couples explore the art together, they embark on an exhilarating journey of mutual discovery, sharing a heightened level of vulnerability and emotional connection.

3. Foster Creativity and Artistic Expression: Shibari is an art form, a visually stunning and expressive practice. Learning the art of tying and suspending creates a space for couples to unleash their creativity and indulge in a shared artistic experience. The process of carefully crafting intricate patterns and designs can be an exhilarating and collaborative endeavor, deepening the bond between partners.

4. Embrace Mindfulness and Presence: Shibari demands presence and mindfulness from both partners. As the ropes intertwine, couples enter a state of focused awareness, creating a serene and meditative atmosphere. This shared state of mindfulness allows couples to escape the distractions of everyday life, bringing them closer together and intensifying their shared experiences.

5. Expand Sexual Exploration and Variety: Shibari can invigorate and revitalize your sexual experiences. By incorporating the art of bondage into your intimate moments, you can introduce a new dimension of excitement, anticipation, and pleasure. The intricate patterns and sensations created by the ropes can provide a unique sensory experience, helping you and your partner explore new realms of pleasure and desire.

Attending a Shibari class as a couple can be an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your connection, enhance intimacy, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Through trust, communication, creativity, and sensuality, you and your partner can forge an unbreakable bond while indulging in the captivating world of Shibari. Open your minds and hearts, and allow this ancient art to unlock new levels of connection and pleasure in your relationship.

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